If you have an online therapist with Kelty’s Key, you should be hearing from them soon. They will give you guidance and direction for your next steps. Don’t forget to email them this week and attach your downloaded worksheet.

In the meantime, here’s an overview of what you can expect while working with a Kelty’s Key therapist:

Your therapist will contact you (usually by phone or FaceTime) to introduce themselves and the service. Once you’ve received your encrypted email address from your therapist, you can email them at any time. It’s therapy with flexibility.

Your therapist will review all your emails and write back to you at least once a week. Talk to your therapist about what day you can expect to hear from them.

Your therapist is making a treatment path just for you. While you are welcome to explore the self-help resources on our site, we recommend you focus on the tasks suggested by your therapist.

Want to find an online therapist?

Not sure about the benefits of online therapy?


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