What is Kelty's Key?

Kelty’s Key is your source for online therapy. Get tailored treatment from an online therapist, or work on your own with our self-help resources. With Kelty’s Key, getting the help you need is flexible and accessible.

Where does your name come from?

The answer starts with our donor. Ginny and Kerry Dennehy lost their 17-year-old son, Kelty, to depression. Determined to prevent similar tragedies, Ginny and Kerry founded The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation. As a tribute to Kelty and the foundation, we wanted to name our program after him.

We view online therapy as a tool. It’s something you can use to unlock your thinking patterns. Therapy can help you open yourself up and change the way you see the world. It’s a key.

And like that, Kelty’s Key was born.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Kelty’s Key uses the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This method focuses on learning new skills and developing effective coping strategies. Most importantly, CBT has been widely studied. It’s clinically proven to work.

Can anyone use the self-help materials?

Yes! Our self-help resources are available to anyone at no cost.

How much time should self-help take?

We do our best to estimate the time it takes to complete each unit or section. Our goal is to keep each unit to under 15 minutes of reading. How much time you spend practicing what you learn is up to you.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes. Our website does not store any of your personal information. If you want to save your work, make sure you download your worksheet at the end of each unit.

Working With an Online Therapist
How do I sign up?

Check here to see if an online therapist at Kelty’s Key is available in your area.

How does it work?

Our therapist-guided program uses email therapy. You can write to your therapist using encrypted email as often as you like. Your therapist will respond once a week to help you with your challenges and guide you in therapy.

Who are your online therapists?

Therapists, not coaches!

How much time does therapy take?

You can take as much time as you like to write emails to your therapist. Some people might take only 5 minutes a week, while others might spend an hour or more.

How often will I get to contact my therapist?

You can email your therapist as often as you like at any time that suits you. However, your therapist will only read your messages once a week. They will let you know which day of the week they will be reviewing your messages and may also phone or FaceTime you if needed.

Why work with an online therapist?

Studies have shown that CBT with a therapist will improve your mental health better than self-help. Working with an online therapist gives you the best of both worlds– flexibility and results.

Learn more about the benefits of online therapy.

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Therapist Training
I'm interested in providing online therapy. How can I get trained?

To learn about our training options, please contact us at


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