What is Kelty's Key?

Kelty’s Key is a psychotherapist assisted online and self help cognitive behavioral therapy service at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH).

If you live in the city of Vancouver you may be eligible for Kelty’s Key psychotherapist assisted treatment through the VCH online therapy service.

  • As a client, you will have regular contact with a VCH psychotherapist via encrypted email. Your psychotherapist will provide guidance and support as you work through our program.
  • If you do not live in the city of Vancouver or the VCH region, you can still use the Kelty’s Key site, free of charge. We recommend you share your work with a therapist or healthcare provider.

COMING SOON: Kelty’s Key will also provide training in online therapy to therapists and student therapists.

How do I sign up?

Kelty’s Key with psychotherapist assistance is currently available to individuals living in the city of Vancouver. Self-help users can use our online courses for free. You do not need a referral or permission to use our website for self help.

If you are a Vancouver resident, please call the Access and Assessment Centre at VGH at 604-675-3700 (fax: 604-675-3705) for more information.

How much time and effort does it take if I sign up for the program?

We do our best to estimate the time it takes to complete each unit or section. Our goal is to keep each unit under 15 minutes! You can help us improve our estimates with your feedback. We are always working on improving the design and usability of our site.

You can take as much time as you like to write emails to your psychotherapist. Some people might take only 5 minutes a week, while others might spend an hour or more.

How often will I get to contact my therapist?

You can email your psychotherapist as often as you like at any time that suits you. However, your psychotherapist will only read your messages once a week. They will let you know which day of the week they will be reviewing your messages and may also phone you if needed.

Is my personal information secure?

The Kelty’s Key website does not store any of your personal information. If you want to save your work, make sure you download your worksheet at the end of each unit.

If you are a VCH patient, you will use encrypted email (Hushmail) to talk to your psychotherapist. When you enroll in the program we will give you a Hushmail username and password. Your VCH medical chart will keep a record of your communications with your psychotherapist and your identifying information. This medical chart is separate from the Kelty’s Key website. Your Hushmail account will be deleted when you are discharged from the online therapy program.

What are the advantages of online therapy?

There are many reasons that you may prefer online therapy! You can work on your therapy when it suits you – no need to rush to an appointment, take time off work or find a babysitter. Many people feel connected to their psychotherapist, despite never meeting in person. You can still develop a strong connection via email. Some people are more comfortable working on their therapy from home and at their own pace.

Can everyone do online therapy?

If you have the necessary computer skills, you can use the Kelty’s Key site for online therapy. You must live in the city of Vancouver to be eligible for the VCH psychotherapist assisted online therapy service.

What if I decide I want to stop before I've finished the program?

If you are in the VCH online therapy service, you can stop the program at anytime. But please talk to us first in case there is something we can do to improve your experience. Whether you complete the program or not, we would be grateful for your feedback! Please help us make Kelty’s Key better even if it’s not for you.

Rest assured that leaving the program early will have no impact on your health care or access to other services within VCH.

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